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Meet Your Maker

Mike McGlynn, Owner/Craftsman

Let me introduce you to your craftsman, (my husband) Mike. He's been creating for me for years and now I'm sharing his talents with you!

From handcrafted captain's beds, to industrial end tables complete with built in edison lights and combo usb/outlet, custom built rustic wood desks and upcycled coffee nooks, Mike would rather make it.

When I mention something I like my boys laugh and mock me, "Hey Mike! I like this. Build it for me!?"
Haha! I guess they're not wrong. I'm a little spoiled that way! I haven't found anything he can't do.

The popular freedom cabinets you see in our shop? I HAD to have one for myself. He said, "you don't have anywhere to put it." My response was to move a painting from the wall and declare that space for my cabinet for my camera gear (I'm a photographer). My customizations? 3 compartments, 2 with shelves for lenses and such, and the smaller compartment has a metal inset so my magnetic gear attaches right to it for easy storage! It's UH-MAZING!

Mike has had a love for creating and woodworking since his early twenties when he realized that, with the skills he learned working with his dad as a teen in the woodshop, he could build practically anything. Over the years, custom projects of all kinds have taken shape. When I look around my home there really isn't much that he hasn't created or improved in some way.

As a staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a Patriot, he found a passion for creating concealment furniture. Each custom order is a labor of love as Mike takes pride in his work and the country for which these flags stand. His clients are always elated when they see the end result! (especially when he gets creative liberties.)

So, welcome! Take a look around. Dream up your custom piece and get in touch to get started!


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